Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free Traffic System

This site,, is one of a new wave of backlink-building businesses that I think of as "gray-hat SEO" -- somewhere between black hat and white hat. It remains to be seen what Google et al make of these sites, but for now it at least looks more legit than some of those sketchy no-follow backlink mills. On FTS, you "write" "articles" and include highlighted keywords that link to your website. They say that the topic of the article needs to match the blogs you choose to post them on, but I have my doubts. There are other things they don't tell you, too, like free postings go to no-follow sites, while paid postings, which range from a few cents to several dollars, go to decent do-follow sites but then sit and wait for the webmaster's approval. If you do any on-line adsense marketing at all, you know that you can wait forever for a webmaster to get around to looking at your submission. And then they could still turn you down.

That said, the FTS system is pretty plausible. I have only been on it for a few weeks so it's way to early to tell,. The $20 I paid to get into the worthwhile blog posts promptly disappeared into their confusing user interface, and I had to eamil them to figure out why. To their credit, they got right back to me. But then again, Kenyan email scammers are known for their attentiveness to the people they are milking for cash...

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