Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PTCBux -- Urgent Update

We have been using PTCBux for a while, and today the site is DOWN.

PTCBux looked like it had gotten its act together -- it does offer the same basic deal as other sites, but it had renovated the "storefront" and had a great new clean and sleek look. PTCBux appeared to represent evidence that the PTC business has legs, and that there are some companies who are more than fly-by-nights or on-line Ponzi schemes.

Now, however, things do not look very good. Those of us with click equity in the site may be in suspense while we wait to see if PTCBux pops back up again.

If PTCBux is gone, it would be a shame -- we really liked design flourishes like the new Member Nexus, which clearly lays out every option you could want to see. In "stats" the new design is even more effective -- keeping track of credits, downline, and earnings could not be easier.

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